Winter Lawn Care – Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Coweta, Sand Springs

Winter Lawn Care


A couple quick things you can focus on in your yard that will help you prepare for summer.

  1. Trim Trees/Bushes now. – Its easier to haul off branches without leaves. Go out there or hire a professional to go ahead and trim back what you don’t need.
  2. Replace All Mulch – Mulch helps plants stay safe and protect root systems from inclement weather. When you purchase mulch retail (by the bag). You really need to check your cost to see if you get more having someone like us bring a truckload and put it in for you
  3. Fill in bare spots/areas with sod – Our grass comes pre fertilized. You can order Bermuda grass during the winter which is great for areas that get a lot of sun. This grass is very common in Oklahoma.
  4. Remove leaves – No one wants to do it so hire a professional like us or get out there and make it happen!


We encourage anyone with questions to comment below. You can call 918.928.2631 for a site eval and a quote.



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