Sod Estimate for Tulsa County and Surrounding Counties

So we get the phone call. I need 725 square feet of grass. Then we get the required information and make the trip to their house. We start laying the sod and then all of a sudden it turns out we really need 1200 square feet to finish the job.

Now out job gets a little interesting. Sometimes when we pick up our sod, we have to drive all the way out to Redbird Oklahoma. Every time we make a sod, rock, or mulch delivery to your house even if it is for the same project we charge.

The best thing to do is to have a professional come measure for how much sod you need and get a real idea of what your goals are (re-do the grade, hydro-mulch, fill flower beds with new mulch, etc) Quantum sod has a very simple process that allows us to give you the correct price based on your goals and what types of machines we will need to bring for your sod project.


Our site eval saves time and money. Call us or leave a comment below with sod questions!

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