Sod Dealers – Tulsa, Coweta, Jenks, Bixby, Claremore and Surrounding Cities

Sod Dealers – #Tulsa, #Coweta, #Jenks, #Bixby, #Claremore and #Surrounding Cities

There are two types of sod dealers.

  1. People that grow sod
  2. People that install/ re-sell sod

The people that grow the sod usually contract out jobs to installers and crews they trust. People that install and grow sod buy their grass from one of the three main farms in this area and make their money off the labor or commercial discount on materials.


There is no such thing as sod that is better than someone else’s in this market. Its all the same grass. Really when you call different companies you are deciding who you trust and enjoy dealing with better.


When its time to purchase sod the best thing to do is select off service. This will make sure you enjoy the process!


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