QuantumSod.com – Sod Installation – Owasso, OK

To install Sod at this particular customers house we first had to start by looking at all our options for accessing the back yard. The kinds of gates you have surrounding your property either make it easier or harder for our machines and crews to get the sod installed. For this sod installation we decided to take part of the gate out and install through the back.

First we started by spreading out some dirt in certain areas of the yard that were low and where the dirt had washed away from the property. We usually drop the dirt as we install sod. We started the sod installation by running a border of sod along the furthest fence and also running a straight border along the house. From there we ran all the sod rolls towards the camera. Installing sod takes good hand/ eye coordination because its easiest to cut and piece the grass in with a machete. You can tear the sod and it will grow. Certain sod doesn’t creep so therefor the perfect fit is a must if you want your yard to look correct. For clarity with some forms of sod the lines you see when you are finished installing the grass it the lines you will see for a long long time.

With this particular type of grass not only did we not have to worry about this problem but we did a great job installing the grass. Once we were done installing the sod we fastened the gate back and left. The customer was very very happy with our sod installation and it only took about 2 and a half hours to install the sod.


QuantumSod.com - Owasso Sod Installation
QuantumSod.com – Owasso Sod Installation

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