Local Sod Farms – #Tulsa and Surrounding Cities

There are only a 3 major sod farms that produces sod and sell sod to the Tulsa Metro. The largest one in the area is 15,000 acres of pure sod. The owner owns 42 square miles of land total. He sells sod at retail locations and to contractors. Most sod you see in the Tulsa Metro was grown by his operation.

His operation is the 3rd largest sod farm in the world and they make over 13million dollars annually at their retail locations just off sod alone. I say that to let you know that all sod comes from the same 3 places in this area. Some farms have a bigger piece than others.

So the sod pricing is based on what the retail prices are. Contractors have extremely small margins when it comes to making money on product. Some say their prices reflect their service and I agree. Your professional will be motivated at the end of the day by how well you pay them. Just like when you show up to work. Your yard is a staple that lets the whole world make a first impression about who you are. To some people that is a huge deal and we are talking to you. Sod is easy to install but there are tricks that make the job look that much better.


So when it comes to local sod farms just remember the price you hear on the phone is based off what that professional thinks his service is worth either way the sod will still come from the same place.Work with a company you can tolerate and enjoy.

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