Installing Sod

When installing sod this time of year it’s very important your yard is prepped. Things to be aware of

  1. Is there debris in the area we will be laying sod: Our grass we deliver to Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta, Sand Springs and many more surrounding cities generally comes with anywhere from a quarter to a half inch worth of dirt on each roll depending on the type of grass we are installing or delivering. when we get ready to install the grass we want dirt touching dirt. if we have to come and do the dirt work for you then we do charge more for doing so. the cool thing is when we give our quotes and do our site eval we establish exactly what you will be paying based off what you are wanting to accomplish. We ask the right questions to really make sure we understand your project.
  2. Is your Grade allowing water to run off properly? Does your yard have a bunch or “Peaks and Valleys”?: This is normal. Over time life happens to your yard. you removed a play set, above ground pool, you bought a house that had some random concrete bowl in the ground, The old basketball court just got dug up. The biggest thing to understand is every expectation of your project is discussed up front.
  3. Do your trees have roots exposed?: This is caused from erosion. Erosion can expose tree roots and cause trees to  become damaged. Trees don’t grow roots on the surface so don’t think this is normal. If you have tree roots exposed to properly treat your yard we bring dirt cover up the roots and then sod.
  4. Have you measured properly?: We charge you a delivery fee every time we send a truck to your property or project. Its best to have correct measurements to make sure we don’t have to worry about running short in materials on your project.
  5. Do you have a way to water the grass?: It’s important to understand your buying a plant. Plants need water to survive. Our responsibility is to deliver and install the grass. Your responsibility is to make sure your new yard stays alive.

The grass comes fertilized and treated for bugs the only thing the grass needs when it gets to your property is water and air. Be sure to ask your profesional about what kind of rolls make sense for your property if you have a certain preference that will be discussed when we leave a quote.

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