Installing Sod in the Winter

I personally like the sod business in the winter. The grass is dormit so it doesn’t go bad near as fast. Jobs like this one in the picture was a pallet that got rained on then frozen in the back of the truck. We parked the pallet in the garage the night before install and this is what we showed up to the jobsite with.

Rolls that had to be torn apart and pieced together. This makes the job more tedious for the installer because you get less ground covered per step. The project depending on how hard you work will essentially take longer.

If you do decide you would like to purchase sod for your home during the winter that is 100% normal. Businesses do it all the time. They build new sidewalks, homes, pools, digging ditches.


There is no Temperature limit for landscaping unless your hired help just wont work in it. Thats not us. We have laid sod in the rain, freezing temperatures, and extremely hot temperatures. Certain types of grasses are only sold during certain times of the year. Find out more by talking to a professional.

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